Hey there!! To anyone who is reading this, I am Marcelo Nunez, photographer from Guayaquil, Ecuador currently living in Guangzhou, China, I love all kind of photography, but specially street photography, and I welcome you to my new blog.

It all started in 2013 when my good friend lent me his Canon t3i for a trip to NY and since then i never stopped. I have finally decided to start my blog, on here I will discuss all about photography, my history with photography, what gear I use and also from time to time I will be posting photos I shoot everyday.

As of right now I am shooting with film full time, later I will tell you my story with film and how it all started, in the meantime I invite you to check my website and likewise you can follow me on Instagram (this is the only social media I currently update) and also on Tumblr (sometimes I forget about this).

Thanks for stopping by!